• Reload your
    battery anywhere

    RW1 is the smartest piece of jewelry on the market. With a charging capacity of 700 mAh, you always have quick and easy access to recharging your mobile device.

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  • Reload your battery
    with style

    With the RW1 you can recharge your cellphone with style anywhere and anytime. When you’re not using it, you got yourself a very nice piece of jewelry.

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About RW1

Due to its elegant design, RW1 combines the functionality of a powerbank, with the beauty of a jewel. This allows you to use it as a decorative personal accessory, when you’re not using it. When you need it for recharging, LED lights will indicate the battery status, and charging your device is a simple task. Just plug in the power cable or micro USB into your phone, and RW1 will start recharging it instantly. You can also plug RW1 into a standard USB port, while you’re recharging your phone. That way, you can charge both devices simultaneously.

By adding an extra 30% of battery power to your device, the RW1 is all you need to feel safe when you’re on the go. Simply put, you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery ever again! The RW1 is also your personal data transfer device to synchronize your pictures and videos at any time.

This powerbank is a portable battery charger with power cable output and touch sensor switch. Built-in 1A D+ / D MFI-technology recognizes the voltage for an Apple device.

The device has a lightning cable 5V/1A output. This power bank supports one Port 5V/0,5A, which allows it to be recharged, while recharging the device connected to it. This is because the input charging is higher than the recharging output. It can provide power to the user’s device and charge the power bank by adjusting the system’s current delivery and charging current automatically. Bundle White 4 LEDs indicate the RW1’s charging status.

Multiple safety measures in RW1

Beskyttelse med over-indgangsspænding

Over input voltage protection

Over charge / discharge protection

Over current temperature

Automatically activated Power Saving mode

Intelligent device auto-recognition

On/off switch

Battery-properties of RW1

Battery capacity: 700 mah

Input: 5vdc / 2A (USB)

Output: 5VDC / 1A (Lighting)

Cell charge current: 500 MA

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Attention: We reserve the right to minor deviations in the appearance of the device’s USB connector. This possible deviation does not affect the functionality of the product or how it is used.

$ 47

Compatible with iPhone 5 and forwards, and all Android, Huawei og Windows-devices

Funded by Kickstarter

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