Terms and conditions for Reload World Aps

Private customers and Business


  1. Purchasing at reloadworld.com

We want to be the best within service and quality. It is therefore important to us that you get a good experience, and feel that you can safely do business with reloadworld.com. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call us at +4522392042 or via email at reloadworld@outlook.com.


Reloadworld.com reserves the right to decline orders, e.g. when assumed that an order has been submitted with the aim of resale via distribution channels that have not been approved by reloadworld.com


  1. Prices

All prices at reloadworld.com are exclusive of VAT (when selling in Denmark). Reload World makes reservations as to currency movements, force majeure, delivery failure, changes in tax and duty, sold out items and misprints.


  1. Terms of delivery and shipment

The delivery time is 1-3 working days in Denmark and 1-10 days outside of Denmark.

If an item is on back order, it will be stated as soon as possible.


When purchasing more than one Reload One, the shipment is free (within Denmark).

When purchasing one Reload One, the price of shipment is 75 DKK.

Worldwide shipment is offered at a maximum price of 150 DKK. The price depends on the country.


Reload World collaborates with DHL and Post Denmark.

In principle, delivery is made to the curb. The recipient is obliged to check the parcel, i.e. the outer packaging and raise an objection if there e.g. is a whole in the foil, cardboard or the box etc. or if there are any other visible damages to the packaging or the goods. If any form of damages to the packaging or goods is demonstrated, it is up to you to make raise an objection to the carrier, in order for it to be recorded. If no objection is raised, and damages are found subsequently, the repair is at the customer’s own expense. If damages to the goods are demonstrated when unpacking the goods, a written notice has to be send to DHL or Post Denmark within 7 days.


  1. Right of complaint

All items at Reload World are covered by the 24-month warranty of the Danish Sale of Goods Act. The warranty includes that you as a customer can submit claims of errors and omissions that have occurred within 24 months after the purchase. It is, however, a prerequisite that these errors or omissions have not occurred as a result of incorrect use of the product or as a result of other tortious behavior. If you complain within two months, the complaint is always considered to be in due time.


If you wish to file a complaint about a product, please send the product and attach a copy of your receipt, as well as a detailed explanation about the error to:

Reload World Aps

Nupark 51

7500 Holstebro



Remember to enclose a copy of your receipt for us to be able to process the complaint.


We endeavor to treat warranty cases as fast as possible. Unfortunately, in some cases they can be a slow process, as the product may need to be send out of the country for tests at the factory. All complaints are processed at the factory or at a company that has been recommended by the manufacturer.

Complaints filed to Reload World are returned after the completed processing with DHL, in case that the information about the address has been provided. If the complaint is unwarranted, the shipment fees are the responsibility of the customer.


  1. Special conditions for businessmen

The same sales conditions apply as for private customers, with the exception of the following modification:

  1. There is no right of cancellation for the businessmen
  2. A one-year warranty is provided from the original date of the invoice
  3. A replacement or repair does not entail a new one-year warranty period.
  4. Reload World reserves ownership of items purchased on credit until the entire purchase price has been paid. All expenses related to the enforcement of the ownership reservation are the responsibility of the buyer. Interests accrue from the due date of the payment, with 2% per started month.


Items that are intended for private use, but are used by businessmen or similarly are used by several users are not covered by the warranty.


  1. Returning items

If an agreement has been made that an item can be returned, it can be send to:

Reload World Aps

Nupark 51

7500 Holstebro




  1. Right of cancellation

With regards to purchases made by customers, where the order of the products is made by phone or online, the customer has a 14-day right of cancellation. The right of cancellation is calculated from the time when the item is transferred to the customer. Should the purchase be repented within 14 days, we refund the price of the item, if it meets the requirements for this.

With 14 days from the reception, you are to give us an unambiguous notice that you wish to undo your purchase. The notification has to be given via email, letter or the like. In your message you have to clearly make us aware that you wish to make use of your right of cancellation. You cannot undo your purchase simply by refusing to accept the item without having given us an unambiguous notice about it.

In order to be able to make use of right of cancellation, the item has to be returned to Post Denmark or another carrier no later that 14 days after you have given us the notice that you wish to undo your purchase.

The condition for the use of the right of cancellation is that the item is returned in substantially the same condition as when it was transferred to you. If the item is not returned in substantially the same condition, the item is priced by Reload World, based on an assessment of the possible sales value.

When making use of the right of cancellation, the item has to be returned in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING. If the ORIGINAL PACKAGING is missing, it often entails a decrease of the sales value, which is why you – by Reload World – will be credited with a corresponding smaller amount, commensurate with the deterioration. At worst, missing ORIGINAL PACKING etc. can entail that the purchase cannot be cancelled.

When you cancel a purchase, you are responsible for the item until it is transferred back to Reload World. This means that you should expect to have to pay if the item is damaged or disappears during the transport back to the seller.


The condition of the item, if you return it

You are only liable for a possible deterioration of the value of the item, which is attributable to other handling than what is necessary to establish the condition and characteristics of the item, as well as the way it works. If the item has been used beyond what is explained above, we consider it used, which means that you – when cancelling the purchase – only receive a part of, or none of the purchase price, depending on the commercial value of the item. In order to be eligible for a full refund of the purchase price, you can do the same things that you can do in a physical store. You can check out the product, but not take it into actual use.


Standard form for the cancellation process

The form is to be filled out and is only to be returned if the right of cancellation is brought forward.

  • To Reload World Aps., Nupark 51, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark
  • I/we (*) hereby give notice that I/we (*) wish to bring forward the right of cancellation in relation to my/our (*) purchase agreement about the following items (*)/delivery of the following services (*)
  • Order date (*) / date received (*)
  • Name of the customer (names of the customers)
  • Address of the customer (addresses of the customers)
  • Date


  1. Use of cookies

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  1. General conditions

Reload World reserves the right to:

  • Change or close the Reload World online shop/website (or parts of it) temporarily or permanently with further notice. Reload World is not liable to you or to a any third party for any changes of if closing.
  • Change the conditions and/or delivery terms at any given time. In such instances, the continuous use of the web shop (or parts of it) from your side is considered as an accept of the completed changes. It us your responsibility to check if the conditions have been changed. If you are unable to approve a change of the conditions, you are to immediately stop using the web shop at reloadworld.com.

If Reload World makes changes of these conditions, your orders are completed according to the conditions that are applicable by the date of your placement of the order.


  1. Contact us

Are you unsure of something, or do you need advice, you are always welcome to contact us at +4522392042 or via e-mail at reloadworld@outlook.com

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